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Jorno Keyboard enhances your road warrior image

jorno-keyboardThe modern day road warrior normally comes equipped with the following – a smartphone that resides on the high end or flagship side of things, a smartwatch so that you need not take out the smartphone from your pocket any more as well as to enjoy micro-managing your email, a tablet that lets you have a larger display on the move, an Ultrabook or MacBook Air just in case more heavy duty computing tasks are required, the quintessential power bank to power those battery hungry devices when they run out of juice unexpectedly, and – why not add the Jorno Keyboard to the list?

For starters, the Jorno Keyboard happens to be a sleek gunmetal ultra-thin wireless keyboard that oozes with quality. Specially designed with functionality and mobility in mind, the Jorno Keyboard is touted to be the ideal mobile accessory, where one can easily fold it down in order to fit in the palm of your hand, or to place it in your bag so that you can have a convenient mobile workspace whenever you are on the move.

With the Jorno Keyboard, you can turn your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a more powerful and efficient mobile computing device, where you end up with a convenient Bluetooth typing solution for a productive user experience. This is a special on-the-go typing solution that will fit right in the palm of your hand when folded, and it measures an ultra-thin 6.6 mm when unfolded. The keyboard will type comfortably with keys that are a mere 10 percent smaller than a standard keyboard, which offers more ease and accuracy, without the need to sacrifice comfort for size. Apart from that, it boasts of superior construction for optimal mobility, packaged in a sleek and sophisticated design.

The asking price for the Jorno Keyboard stands at $99 a pop, where it will come with a vegan leather protective case.

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