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Joobot reveals CamBuddy Pro smart DSLR controller

cambuddy-proSo you own a DSLR camera and intend to look for different ways in which you will be able to maximize its usage? Of course, you can always upgrade your photography skills by learning how to shoot better looking shots, but there is also another aspect from which you can look from — that of hardware. Getting better hardware will certainly help you gain a better idea on composing better looking images, and the CamBuddy Pro from Joobot is one such device. The CamBuddy Pro happens to be a matchbox-size DSLR controller which claims to be the smartest and fastest of its kind.

Not only that, the CamBuddy Pro is also the first DSLR controller of its kind that will integrate Wi-Fi tethering, smart triggering, high-speed photography, and smartphone live view into a single device. This densely packed accessory is complemented by a light sensor, sound sensor, radio laser detector, and radio transmitter that enable creative triggering, now how about that? To make things all the more attractive, the CamBuddy Pro will be able to hook up to 128 different cameras in order to capture stunning “Matrix bullet time” footage which will certainly let you expand your creative horizons.

The CamBuddy Pro transforms your DSLR into your smartphone’s built-in camera, where it will hook up a modern Canon/Nikon DSLR via the camera’s USB port, at the same time pairing with your smartphone over a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. From there, you are able to adjust your DSLR setting, live view, shoot, save, and share in their free downloadable app, as you enjoy a similar convenience level as shooting with built-in lenses.

The CamBuddy Pro is being prepared for mass manufacturing, where you will be able to obtain one right before the Christmas season through the Kickstarter campaign that will launch this coming September 27 for $149 a pop. As for the Joopic app, it can be downloaded for free now both in Apple Store and Google Play.

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