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The Jokari Portion Control Basket keeps your pasta cravings in check


When you live in a household that wants to start eating healthier, it can be difficult to get everyone on board. Especially since there are so many interpretations of what “eating healthier” actually means. For some people, this just means cutting out soda and sweets, while to others it means getting a kitchen scale and carefully measuring every calorie that goes into your body.

The most difficult part of changing your diet is getting used to more specific portions. We’re so used to eating however much and as often as we like, which usually leads to overeating far more than normal. Having lots of dieting aids around like this Jokari Portion Control Pasta Basket will make changing your habits a bit more foolproof. This is only one aspect of meals in the kitchen, but it will definitely help you to keep your meal sizes in check.

This is a collapsible silicone basket that you submerge in boiling water so you can not only measure out your pasta in advance, but can keep your sizes exact. These measure 6.8 x 5.1 x 1.3”, and you can normally fit around 4 of these into one pot. One unit will cost you $9.99, and you can always buy in bulk to make it cheaper. Even if you’re not feeding a family, these would also be nice to make weekly meal prepping a bit more of a manufacturing line, and anything that makes our lives easier is welcome.

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