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Joby strengthens its grip on the device stand market

griptight-mountYou can more or less say with plenty of confidence that a selfie is something which just about everyone snaps without giving too much thought about it, so much so that there is a booming market of selfie sticks. The thing is, selfie sticks are great if you would like to enjoy a less personal look, but they are not too good at capturing moments from truly interesting angles. Joby has a stranglehold (pardon the pun) on the device stand market, and this time around they intend to expand their top selling collection of portable GripTight device stands that will cater for a slew of hugely popular smaller-sized tablets, and it does not matter whether they come with or without protective cases. Among the tablets that will play nice with Joby’s latest offering would be the iPad mini, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, Kindle Fire HD 7 and Nook HD models.

For starters, the $49.95 GripTight Micro Stand will target the smaller tablets out there, where it comes across as a pocket-sized stand which is perfect for reading the news, video chatting with loved ones, watching a movie on a plane, reading recipes from a kitchen counter, or even propping your tablet up and using a keyboard for ease of use. The stand itself comes with a steel inner frame as well as zinc alloy legs, and will be sleek and durable enough to stash in a pocket on-the-go convenience. Its grippy rubber feet assists users to stabilize their smaller tablets on uneven surfaces, while there is a mini-ballhead that enables one to pan and tilt 36 degrees in order to obtain the preferred angle for viewing different kinds of media.

As for the GripTight GorillaPod Stand, this $59.95 purchase will be a fun, flexible, adaptable accessory which paves the way for an optimal viewing angle, and it does not matter if you would like to curl up on the couch or to watch movies, it has been designed with flexible, wrappable joints and grippy, rubber feet, so that you can secure your tiny tablet to various objects and keep them stabilized without losing perspective.

Last but not least would be the $29.95 GripTight Mount, being a compact, foldable mount which is compatible with larger GorillaPod camera tripods and standard tripods thanks to a universal, stainless-steel 0.25″-20 screw. Any takers?

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