Joby launches trio of new portable tripods

Joby made a name for itself with the release of the GorillaPod which by the way, does not resemble a gorilla in any way apart from the fact that it can “hang” from just about any place as long as the pole or branch is able to support its weight alongside the camera it is attached to. Well, certainly they cannot rely on just a single device along to roll in the dough, right? Enter three more portable tripods to ensure they remain the best at what they do.
All three new releases are the GorillaPod Micro 250, GorillaPod Micro 800 and GorillaPod Hybrid, where they were specially developed and designed to meet the needs of today’s digital camera consumer, regardless of whether you are an enthusiast who shoots on-the-go with a point-and-shoot camera, or have moved up a notch to the prosumer category with the most recent compact system camera in tow.

Even better news would be the price points – these three devices won’t break the bank, retailing anywhere from $19.95 to just $39.95. Certainly Joby has come a long way with its GorillaPod Original that was launched over five years ago, and it is heartening to see them continue their mission with a passion. The GorillaPod Micro can be said to be the indispensable companion for your point-and-shoot by virtue of being the first always-on tripod which delivers stability, range of movement and versatility of full-size supports. The GorillaPod Micro series will comprise of the GorillaPod Micro 250 and GorillaPod Micro 800 which supports cameras weighing up to 250g (8.8 oz.) and 800g (1.75 lbs.), respectively.
Up next is the GorillaPod Hybrid that can support cameras weighing up to 1kg (2.2 lbs.), boasting flexible, wrappable legs that deliver rock-solid stabilization on any surface and integrated aluminum ball head (90 degrees tilt, 360 degrees pan) so that you can enjoy precise positioning to capture professional-quality images.
Which would you gun for?
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