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JLab Audio reveals a pair of wireless sport earbuds for the active

jlab-audioA pair of headphones or earphones are pretty much something that many of us already own — in various forms and guises, of course, that will cater to a myriad of ways in which we use it. Some of us would prefer those puffed up headphones that offer noise cancellation as it comes in handy during those long, trans-Atlantic flights, while others would prefer something that is lightweight and more importantly, wireless, because they like to wear it on their evening runs. JLab Audio has just the perfect thing for active folks, offering the Epic Air True Wireless Sport Earbuds for $149.99 apiece.

This is definitely not the most affordable pair of earbuds in the world, but what makes it unique is the fact that it claims to offer an extremely robust battery life where wireless earbuds are concerned. Sporting a patent-pending antenna earhook that ensures it remains in place all the time, the Epic Air True Wireless Sport Earbuds comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that users will see cutouts and skips as a thing of the past.

Each of these earhooks come with Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX Technology antenna, allowing it to be more versatile since either earbud is able to pick up the connection. Accompanied by a battery life of up to 7 hours, it features a charging case that offers more than 30 hours of battery life. This charging case does more than just juice it up, since it also doubles up as a portable charger for other compatible devices. It even comes with lights that indicate the existing battery level, so that you will always know just how much juice there is left remaining.

To further sweeten the deal, the Epic Air is rated as IP55, which makes it splashproof and perfect for use even when you use it outdoors while it is drizzling lightly. Do you sweat much during your workouts? The Epic Air allows you to rinse it without any problem at all, too.

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  1. If these sound as good as their specs, they might be worth checking out. It appears that they’re currently available only at Best Buy, but perhaps if they gain wider distribution, their price will fall. We’ll see (and possibly hear!)

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