Jinsei Ginko: The Life Bank

Life Bank

This next product is cool in so many ways. All I can say is: welcome back, virtual pet! Not only that, the Tamigotchi has a serious upgrade as you have not one pet, but a virtual family.

Not only that, but you don’t just feed the virtual pet family by pushing a button. This is a family that you provide for with real money.

Oh man, I really need to slow down, as I am way too excited about this Life Bank. That is, this is what this product’s name (Jinsei Ginko) translates into. The Jinsei Ginko is an advanced piggy bank that has a display with a monochromatic screen. On the screen, a virtual person.

As you add money to the bank, the person goes into marriage, and then a life of luxury. That is, if you give enough money to it. And I have no idea how much money you have to give in order for the virtual family to live like the Hiltons, sans Paris.

I love this product because of what it teaches. All you need to do is save, and you will get rich. Clearly, the application of this product as a teaching tool could save the world. Still, I wonder if the virtual family gets poor if you take money out. Now that is teaching something.


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