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The JIC is a phone case that will record conversations on and off your phone

Just in Case Phone

One of the best ways to annoy your friends or significant other is to argue over a conversation where you both remember how it happened differently. It usually comes down to disputing what you said and what you meant, leading to misunderstandings and defensiveness. If you’d rather just tell them what they said verbatim, why not just record every conversation?

Hopefully you aren’t actually going to do that as that’s going a bit too far, and you should be able to talk out problems on your own. However, there is the JIC Phone Case if you are thinking about it. This is an iPhone case that will record calls and in-person conversations. To the untrained eye this will only look like a bulky protective case, but hides a microphone, speakerphone, memory card slot, and buttons to record and play things at will.

This recording device will charge via¬†USB cable, and everything will be stored on a MicroSD card. This means your phone won’t be using any storage or power to save your conversations. This would actually be awesome for recording meetings, stories your relatives tell, or saving a fart sound for the right moment. It is capable of recording for up to 8 hours on one charge, and can record 100s of hours of material, which can be useful when everything in life starts blurring together. This will cost you $39 for those interested in recording on their iPhone 5 or above.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo