The Jewel Guitar Necklace USB Drive


This is one of the rare USB drive necklaces that I didn’t envision some elderly secretary wearing around her neck.  This one could almost appeal to the glam rocker type instead of the older crowd.  Although it’s definitely not subtle, since it’s yet again covered in crystals, it does at least have a guitar shape to it.  It’s yet again attached to a chain so that you can wear it as a necklace and always have it on hand.

One different thing about this is that the cap of the drive is attached to the chain.  So you don’t have to take off the necklace to use it.  My only issue with that is the concern that over time the drive would stop holding onto the necklace quite as well.  Leaving the risk that you might lose the drive along with all the data stored on it.  If you think it’s worth the risk though, you will be able to store 2GB of data on the drive.  You can purchase it from Gadget4all for $22.

Source: GeekAlerts