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Jetson UL-Certified V6 Hoverboard is a exclusive

jetson-v6Moving along and getting around without having to walk sounds like a novel idea, but it is absolutely crucial for those who are disabled. For those who feel like they would like to usher in a world of science fiction from the future right now, you might want to check out what has in store with the Jetson UL-Certified V6 Hoverboard. This is an exclusive purchase from, where it has UL Standard 2272 compliance that ensures how this particular Jetson V6 hoverboard will be flame-resistant and safe when it comes to personal use.

Not only that, the Jetson V6 has an advantage where it boasts of first-of-its-kind application that enables the user to enhance safety measures as well as change light colors, now how about that? Specially engineered and designed from the ground up, Jetson’s versatile and durable V6 will bring with it an exhilarating experience for all riders regardless of their age and gender. It will rely on far more than just state of the art engineering and top quality materials, as the V6 will also integrate the latest in technology boasting of Active Balance Technology.

In other words, the Jetson V6 would make it a whole lot easier for any rider to quickly and safely transform from a beginner, making his or her way to being an intermediate, and all the way to an advanced “hoverboarder” in the shortest time possible.

To keep the Jetson V6 hoverboard launch company would be Ride Ready, which is Jetson’s very own new iOS & Android compatible mobile application that arrives as a free download, as long as you have made a Jetson V6 purchase. This particular app comes with innovative features that will help to enhance the V6 user experience as it allows them to compete with friends, track their ride, share data via social media, locate a lost board and even control lights and stream music to the units’ built- in Bluetooth audio system. The Jetson V6 hoverboard can be yours for $399.99 apiece.

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1 thought on “Jetson UL-Certified V6 Hoverboard is a exclusive”

  1. Now this sounds very promising — a UL-approved hoverboard with a not-unreasonable price.

    If hoverboards weren’t so attractive to street thieves in NYC, where I live, this senior might consider getting one…

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