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Jet-powered bicycle


Take 56 seconds to have a look at this superb video of a jet-powered bicycle, coming right up…!

It’s obviously a home made contraption, and we guessed probably from the sort of jet engines used in making model aeroplanes. There was no bumf that came with the video, for instance and we had so many questions such as “How fast can the thing go, what’s its range etc.?”, but we did find a few details about the jets from Google.

The jets are likely manufactured by a US company Jet Cat, and cost the best part of $4,000 each for the largest model, the Titan. They run on kerosene fuel and rotate at speeds of up to 123,000 RPM.

Another important tip; the exhaust gases reach a temperature of 770°C, so make sure your friends stay well back when following you.

But there are so many other questions that come to mind, such as do you need a special licence to operate a jet powered bicycle, how much is the road tax, insurance…

The voices sound American, and I wonder if they’re breaking the law by even taking that thing out on the public roads, as it looks like they’re doing there.

Hats off to the wonderful Geeks are Sexy team, for another great scoop. 

9 thoughts on “Jet-powered bicycle”

  1. This is from Germany
    It is probably right that they reach 770°C but that would be at peak level and measured closely to the engine.
    if you stand 3 meters away you should be ok.

    for those who do not know, at jet engine will never stop pushing forward, that means that the faster you go the more horsepowers the engine gets, meaning that there is no speed limit, if you were driving on a straight road

    though what I heard was that the speed would be about 60 – 70 km/h

  2. The video is European. The road signs and speed limit signs are definitely from Europe. The voices sound German to me.

  3. Yeah cheers guys, the road signs are clearly German to me, but I can’t read them. When I listened to it again I can hear the intrepid pilot’s(?) partner saying “They’re both on” in German.
    So it’s very likely illegal than… haha

  4. It was fun to watch buit when you think of the safty side these guys were a bit stupid, all that fuel on show and if he would have come of it could have a been spilt over him, and boy was that thing noisy, could you imagine if every bike had one of them (ouch my ears)

  5. As far as I can see, the street the bike is driving on is a German street. This may be detected by the pollers beside the road and the cars driving behind. This is definitely Germany!

  6. i am not that sure that this is illegal.
    i would say it can be considered a ‘engine-assisted bicycle’, which makes it legal even without a drivers license.

    still for that legality the engine must be capped at ~25km/h or so..

  7. Why does this article say the voices are American? They are speaking in German and the licence plates and street signs are those of EU states. What makes you think it is Americans speaking in German in the EU? I can’t tell if it is an American accent or not because there is just not enough speaking to tell. But if I was to guess I would probably say that the voices sound American even as the speak German and are in EU, that sounds like a pretty stuipd thing to say, doesnt it?

  8. They are for sure German.. Its difficult to understand the dialouge in the beginning but what the camera man says. “Sie sind beide an” is 100% German for “they are both on”.

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