Jet-powered bicycle


Take 56 seconds to have a look at this superb video of a jet-powered bicycle, coming right up…!

It’s obviously a home made contraption, and we guessed probably from the sort of jet engines used in making model aeroplanes. There was no bumf that came with the video, for instance and we had so many questions such as “How fast can the thing go, what’s its range etc.?”, but we did find a few details about the jets from Google.

The jets are likely manufactured by a US company Jet Cat, and cost the best part of $4,000 each for the largest model, the Titan. They run on kerosene fuel and rotate at speeds of up to 123,000 RPM.

Another important tip; the exhaust gases reach a temperature of 770°C, so make sure your friends stay well back when following you.

But there are so many other questions that come to mind, such as do you need a special licence to operate a jet powered bicycle, how much is the road tax, insurance…

The voices sound American, and I wonder if they’re breaking the law by even taking that thing out on the public roads, as it looks like they’re doing there.

Hats off to the wonderful Geeks are Sexy team, for another great scoop. 

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