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Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus gets protection with SwitchEasy GLASS

switcheasy-glassSo, you have decided to pick up the Jet Black iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for yourself, and are simply over the moon with the smartphone. After all, it not only works well like any other iOS device should, it is also a fantastic looking phone. In other words, you would want to make sure that you do your darndest best in order to ensure that it looks as good as new — even if it is a couple of years down the road. In order to achieve that, you would do well to pick up a screen protector as well as a protective case. Well, SwitchEasy GLASS might be just the thing, as this touchless protective case has been specially designed for the Jet Black models of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The SwitchEasy GLASS is fully funded and is now more than ready to ship, making it a success some days before the Indiegogo campaign comes to a close. With the GLASS, SwitchEasy managed to achieve a trio of “world first” features in case protection, where it would include a durable “see-through” glass back, Air Barrier™ touchless protection, and patent-pending wireless signal pass-through design.

After all, the Jet Black model of the latest iPhones have proven themselves to be highly popular, so it makes perfect sense to come up with a case that not only delivers maximum protection, it will also be able to cater specially for the Jet Black iPhone’s design. Sporting a pure and dark shell, the Jet Black iPhone will be prone to fingerprints, dust, and its casing will surely do its job in amplifying even the smallest surface scratches. The introduction of GLASS by SwitchEasy makes sure that all of those are a thing of the past, delivering the best protection and highest quality case on the market which is different from plastic cases and films.

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