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Jeans That Blocks Wireless Signals Offer Extra Security

anti-fraud-jeansI am quite sure that just about all of us happen to have a pair of jeans that we absolutely love. While the iPhone 6 Plus and a pair of denims do not really go down well together, it is an essential piece of clothing that everyone ought to have in their wardrobe. However, living in the digital age does have its fair share of dangers and pitfalls – with information theft being one of them. This unique pair of jeans will contain material that is capable of blocking wireless signals, where it is currently being developed with the help of the anti-virus firm Norton.

This pair of trousers are meant to prevent thieves from hacking into radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged passports as well as other kinds of contactless payment cards. The pair of jeans have been specially designed by online clothing company Betabrand, where it will make use of a kind of silver-based material in order to block signals.

Due to hit the stores later this February, Norton alongside San Francisco-based Betabrand intend to roll out the pair of jeans and a blazer. The jeans will cost you $151 a pop, alongside a blazer at $198. Taking into consideration that most of the credit and debit cards out there happen to be fitted with Near Field Communication chips, which is a kind of RFID technology, the Betabrand jeans will be able to block out RFID signals – so that whatever sensitive data or information that you have inside will remain safe and sound.

Would you fork out that kind of money in order to pick up this special pair of jeans? However, there is a very real possibility of the RFID jeans not being enough of a defence against hackers. Perhaps being able to have enough time in order to develop this technology further would be able to see something that is far more effective.