JBL WR2.4 headphones introduced

When it comes to the world of headphones, making a particular purchase decision is not all that easy. After all, there are so many models to choose from, and you do not want to end up forking out money for something that does not offer as much bang for your buck as you wished. Well, one name that I am quite sure is able to serve up decent value for money would be JBL, and one of their latest headphones would be the JBL WR2.4. Of course, right off the bat, most folks would notice that the JBL WR2.4 headphones is missing the cord, which is an all too common feature in majority of the headphones out there, leading us to only one conclusion – this is a wireless device which will hopefully live up to the family name.

In a nutshell, without a cable to tether the JBL WR2.4 headphones to a compatible music playback device, you will be able to enjoy untethered freedom to move around, as long as the headphones remain within range, that is. We are looking at approximately 100 feet (30 meters) of reception range, while the nuilt-in rechargeable batteries will let you extend freedom from the AC outlet, too, delivering up to eight hours of continuous playtime.

Apart from wireless convenience, the JBL WR2.4 headphones have also been specially designed to be comfortable to wear, too. It is lightweight in nature, and comes with generously sized padded cups as well as a fully adjustable headband. This would allow you to wear the wireless headphones without suffering from fatigue or feeling hot between the head despite wearing it for an extended period of time. The WR2.4 headphones comes with semi-closed back acoustics to deliver naturally enhanced sound quality via their 18 Hz to 20 kHz sound range, while it has an uncompromising 2.4 GHz digital bandwidth for reception that remains untainted by transmission noise, sporting 32-ohm impedance to deliver a wide range of listening volumes. Running on a pair of AAA batteries, the JBL WR2.4 headphones can be yours for $99.95 per pair.

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