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JBL Horizon clock radio intends to wake you up gently

jbl-horizonJust as there are many different kinds of personalities that you would come across in your everyday interaction with people, so too, will you find that each individual would have their own preferred set of sleeping patterns – and with that, the manner in which they would want to wake up. Some folks will not settle for anything less than the loud din of the traditional alarm clock ringing away, while there are even some who need the rooster to crow loudly as it ushers in the dawn, while others prefer to sleep with the curtains drawn apart, letting natural sunlight seep into the room and wake them up. Others like a more gentle approach, and the JBL Horizon clock radio happens to cater to this particular segment of folks.

This innovative clock radio will literally light up your mornings thanks to JBL stereo sound and ambient light. The JBL Horizon will also ensure that you will get out of the right side of the bed by making sure that your connected smartphone, tablet or other wearable technology is fully charged, so that you do not go to the office while running on empty. After all, waking up on the right note will generally set the tone for the rest of your day.

With JBL’s Horizon clock radio, it is capable of delivering stereo sound that has been enriched with the multi-sensory ambient glow of LED lights. There will be a couple of separate alarms, which can be customized for you or your partner, so that it can wake you to one of several original digital alarm tones, or perhaps to choose the FM station of your choice and let the prattle of your favorite DJ kickstart your morning, or even a favorite track from your smartphone. There are five programmable FM radio presets as well as Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth phone or tablet. Heck, if you’re the traditional type, there is also the classic buzzer implemented within.

It sports a compact design, depicts a crisp LCD clock display that is easy to read, and has a built-in light sensor which will automatically adjust the brightness according to the light in the room. A pair of USB ports round off its connectivity options. The asking price for the JBL Horizon Clock Radio stands at $99.95 a pop.

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