JawSaw Electric Chainsaw

There comes a time when a man’s got to do what he’s got to do, and this includes clearing up the yard around his home. After much nagging from his wife, of course, and if he were to want an easier life while doing all the backbreaking work, he can always fall back on the likes of this electric saw. The Electric Shark Saw sports an innovative design, where it is actually a chainsaw in essence, although the safety issue has been tackled head-on by enclosing the bar and chain while employing a scissor-cut action in order to limit dangerous kickback.

The jaw design itself will grab onto the object that you want to cut in two, where it also offers a stabilizing factor, while there is an auto-tension feature that guarantees optimum tension. Not only that, it even cuts directly on the ground without having to prop your item up. The Electric Shark Saw will also come with an automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator, and considering how it is corded, you can forget about this ending up in an explosion should things go awry since there is no need for any gas. Seniors too, would definitely appreciate the ease of use of this chainsaw.