Jawbone THOUGHTS unveiled

Mention the word “Jawbone” and most people would definitely have the image of one of those sleek looking Bluetooth headsets spring to mind. After all, Aliph did a pretty good job in getting word of their Jawbone series around, backing it up with some really solid performance where hardware is concerned, although certain quarters do feel that the physical size is still somewhat larger than most of the other Bluetooth headsets in the market.

No matter, we’re talking about software today, where Aliph just introduced Jawbone THOUGHTS, an iPhone application which enables users to easily send quick voice messages to individuals and groups, doing so without the need for typing or calling. Sounds like a dream, eh? Hopefully it will work out so as we describe the Jawbone THOUGHTS in the extended post.

This application will merge the speed of texting, the group collaboration of email, and the emotional quality of voice all in one. Best of all is, even in this economically trying period for most people, the Jawbone THOUGHTS isn’t going to cost you a penny. You read that right, it is available as a free download in the Apple App store.

According to Travis Bogard, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at Jawbone, “We live in a world that is 100% mobile, 100% connected and unfortunately 150% distracted. Reading and typing doesn’t work when you need your hands and eyes to navigate the physical world. While there has been a tremendous amount of innovation in text based messaging, all of it lacks the richness of voice. THOUGHTS is our solution to these realities by integrating all the things we love from text-based communications with the power of voice. We think it’s a really powerful way to share ideas quickly.”

Just how much faster must we communicate with one another? What happened to a good ol’ fashioned sit-down-and-have-a-heart-to-heart talk? Perhaps times have changed too fast for us, but we’re still quite sure that Jawbone THOUGHTS will be successful in its own way.

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