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Javabot for coffee addicts

javabot.jpgMost office workers will be able to tell you – coffee is the elixir of life, never mind water. A hot cup of joe is the perfect tonic to kickstart a day, especially during those dreary Mondays. The Javabot brings coffee making to the 21st century, delivering your favorite blend of seven beans, including the way they are roasted, the ground and temperature at which the coffee is brewed, all in a mere half a minute. This makes the Javabot the first and only walk-in coffee machine in the world, but should this idea catch on, expect different varieties to start making an appearance throughout offices (and maybe even rich homes) worldwide. No better way to keep the morale up than by pampering their stomachs, eh?

What makes the Javabot so special? It is, in effect, a fully automated system that runs the Roasting Plant Coffee Company in New York and was specially designed to demonstrate exactly what can be achieved using new thinking as well as methodologies on a process that was previously thought of as a back art. The system is actually a segment of the entire experience as the coffee system will run throughout the shop, making it the world’s first walk-in coffee machine. Customers will be able to sit down, grab a paper, and wait for their drink, where coffee beans will zip past in pneumatic tubes as they are transported from storage bins to staging, roasting station, grinding, and finally, a brewing machine where these beans will be dispensed with a repeatable accuracy of a purpose-built machine.

You will be able to have meticulous control over each small cup, ranging from coffee bean selection to roasting, grinding and brewing times and temperatures. Perfect for control freaks, but I wonder whether this concept will be an overkill for the majority of us who aren’t exactly connoisseurs.

Source: Gizmag

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