Jasco’s Flip Universal Remote


The award winning GE branded Flip Universal Remote from Jasco is one interesting device, having being nominated to be part of the 2007 Innovations Honoree in the Video Accessories category for the 2007 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards earlier this year. It takes its design cues from a clamshell cellphone, making it the first of its kind when it comes to universal remote controls for the home. The fact that the Flip Universal Remote is able to fold into half means you save more space, making it easy to hold and tote around the home unlike other large, unwieldy universal remotes.

While it might be missing a large LCD display that other more advanced universal remotes have (and thus missing out on additional functionality), the Flip Universal Remote does cater to those who are looking for a basic all-in-one solution in their living rooms. Features include an easy-to-use keypad that comes with dedicated TV, VCR (I wonder who uses these anymore), DVD, and satellite/cable buttons for a quick and easy setup. The Flip Universal Remote comes in a curved shape that makes it easy to fit into one hand naturally, providing access to what would be the most frequently used keys in a snap. There is also an integrated sleep timer function and navigation wheel for easy volume, channel, and menu selection control.

The Flip Universal Remote looks set to be a common focal point in any living room, thanks to its low profile design that blends in perfectly with most homes. It also boasts a library of over 1,000 codes, ensuring that the most of your electronic equipment will work just fine. Guess you can bring out a box and store the growing collection of remotes in your home after picking up the Flip Universal Remote. Contrary to popular belief, it is pretty affordable at a mere $18.99 each.


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