Japanese Novel Written on Toilet Paper

With the many e-book readers that flood the market today, it isn’t hard to believe that we will be a paperless society in the next few decades. Pretty soon, the only paper we will be using regularly is toilet paper.

So I guess it is no surprise that Japanese novelist Koji Suzuki has chosen to print his novel on toilet paper. Actually, I’m not certain whether Mr. Suzuki made the choice, or if the publicity department at his publishing house was really itching for a new marketing idea.

I honestly don’t think that Koji Suzuki needs any fancy gimmick to sell his works. If you never heard of this author, then you might have heard of a 2002 horror movie called The Ring. Yes, he wrote the book that the Gore Verbinski movie is based on. By the way, that movie was a remake of a Japanese movie Ringu.

His latest work, Drop, another horror story, is in skull scroll format. You won’t need a special e-book reader from Amazon to read its unique format, because you probably have the device right next to your toilet seat.

Now is the time of Coolest Gadgets when we make jokes about the product. For example, here is a review of Drop: “This story is so bad, that it isn’t worth wiping my butt with it. And believe me, I did.” Or how about: “The last time I ate three burritos, I went through three chapters of Drop. Of course, I wasn’t reading it”.

Come on, it is a novel written on toilet paper! The jokes ought to write themselves. Give it a try if you don’t believe me, and leave it with us on the comments.


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