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Japanese WALL-E Mini Figure Set

WALL-E was one of the better movies that came out last year, not only because of its super cool animation but the cute characters in there are certainly more than memorable, while sending a dire message to humankind that we ought to learn to keep our environment clean for future generations instead of absconding all responsibility by jumping aboard a self-sustaining spaceship. Enter the Japanese WALL-E Mini Figure Set to decorate your desk at home or at the office.

Now you can collect this fine WALL-E mini figure set imported from Japan. It’s WALL-E, Eve and all his robot pals from the movie in itty-bitty-form on a snap together base. Yep you get the full set of figures you see in the image, which would normally comprise five vending machine capsules. So rather than forcing you to stand on a street corner in Tokyo pumping 100 yen coins into a capsule toy machine hoping for the “perfect” WALL-E figure set we’ve done all the dirty work for you. Doo itashimashite!

Bear in mind that when they called this the Japanese WALL-E Mini Figure Set, they mean business. After all, when assembled together, it measures a mere 5.5″ in length. $17.99 is the asking price if you want to bring all 8 robots and their plastic base home.