Japanese Sky Cycle roller coaster is pedal powered

Some of you might remember when we reported on the Kolelinia, a way of making travel by attaching a bike to a rail and pedal over the traffic.

I bring this up because it reminds me of this Sky Cycle roller coaster. It is located in Japan’s Washuzan Highland Park, and requires the passengers to pedal through it.

I have a video of it if you want to see it in action, but this isn’t a roller coaster with super loops or anything. However, you have to admire the side-by-side pedal powered cars, and even the cute pink baskets.

I wonder if you could do a roller coaster that is pedal powered with loops. I once heard that the loops in roller coasters are gravity powered anyway, and that passengers stay in the car out of centrifugal force rather than the bar that holds them in.

In other words, I look forward to an extreme pedal powered roller coaster, but I know that there would be safety concerns. Maybe they should get Lance Armstrong to go on it first.

Yeah, I don’t think that extreme pedal-powered roller coaster will ever see the light of day, any more than the Kolelinia. However, it is never in vain to dream.


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