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These Japanese Pocket Puzzles make your brain play twister

Japanese Pocket Puzzles

How many times can you say you’re really, actively using your brain? When you’re in school, you have to constantly stuff new information in your head, and then study it so you can apply it to tests and homework. Once you get settled into a job, you may come across a few problems now and again, but it’s nothing like the constant critical thinking that school puts you through.

If you want to make sure your brain keeps its problem-solving abilities, playing word or puzzle solving games can help your mind to stay active. These Japanese Pocket Puzzles will surely give your gray matter a workout, as these brainteasers were crafted with precision to be insanely difficult. Each piece fits together masterfully, and will take some critical thinking to work through. Just when you feel like you may have it figured out, there will be an aspect you didn’t take into account that will put you back to square one.

Of course, once you solve a puzzle a few times, the answer becomes pretty obvious, and you’ll need new challenges to overcome. Thankfully, there are 9 level five puzzles and 7 level six puzzles to choose from. If you breeze through all of these too quickly, there are always more brain games out there to choose from. Made of a solid zinc alloy and measuring only 2-4” long, these can go with you anywhere to challenge your brain. They are $12.99 a piece, and will be brain-stakingly fun.

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