Japanese Foot Warmer is bead powered

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the Rechargeable Heated Insoles, then you’ll need some way to warm your feet once you’re inside.  It’d be great to curl up next to a fireplace or wood stove after being outside, however, most of us have nothing more than a vent to defrost over.  Which usually doesn’t do the trick, this foot warmer will likely help you warm up quickly.   It’s not the first foot warmer out there, but this Japanese foot warmer doesn’t use electricity to power up.

Instead, it’s filled with small beads the rub up against each other to create small amounts of heat.  Once it wraps your feet in them it will keep your toes nice and warm.  It’s an odd method and hopefully not just a novelty product that barely works.  However, the down side is that it’s not being sold in either the UK or the US.  You’d have to get it to you through the Japanese site.  You can purchase it for about $60.

Source: Gizmodiva