Japanese Dekotora Trucks

Outside of Asia, Japan is known for two things; blisteringly cool technology and awesomely tacky gadgetry. In a perfect merger of both of these factors, the people of Japan have whipped out yet another awesome combination of large flashy toys and kitschy art.

Dekotora Trucks are highly customized trucks which the cult Japanese community decks out to look like artsy monsters. You could easily confuse one of these Dekotora trucks as something other than an automotive, yet the brute power behind these pieces is enough to cause geeks to wet themselves with envy.

Participants in the Dekotora community get together for truck shows where they showcase their prized vehicles. Sometimes these monsters are used as special art promotion trucks at events. And something tells us that they surely draw a crowd.

If we had the money, there is no doubt we would create a Dekotora of our own to cruise around the suburbs, scaring children and possibly mowing down a few nuns on the way. And if we didn’t have vehicular homicide on our minds, we’d no doubt be showing these bad boys off to all the ladies.

Source via I.Z. Reloaded

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