Japanese company REAL-f can print a 3-D mask of your face

Considering that Halloween is about twenty days away, have you thought about a costume yet? Have you considered dressing up as yourself?
The Japanese company REAL-f can help you as they have a 3-D printer that can make a very detailed replica of your face. They can print out everything from the skin tone, freckles, and eyebrows, and put them all on molded resin.
Hey, if you and a friend want to go in together, you can dress up as…each other! Granted, the effect will probably be like putting a realistic mannequin’s face on your own, but it will leave people guessing.
Granted, this will be pretty expensive, as it will cost $4,000 to just get one face mask done. By the way, additional face masks cost about $780 to $2,000, so you can save at least some money if you and a friend want to change faces.
By the way, a full head will cost you $6,000. I have no idea if they will some day have masks like on Mission Impossible, but give it time.
Maybe one day we will all have 3D printers, and we can all print our faces out. Okay, that sounds pretty weird, but if I could get a 3D printer for less than $200, I would do it.