Jamie Oliver Survival Kit


It’s just about time to be heading off to “big school”, otherwise known as University. Perhaps this’ll be your first time away from the servants (by which of course I mean mum and dad), and you may have to fend for yourself in the kitchen for the first time. With Jamie Oliver’s Survival Kit by Tefal, consisting of 3 non-stick cooking pans (26cm frying pan, 26cm wok/casserole dish and 20cm saucepan) with two lids (26cm and 20cm) plus a detachable handle, you can have fun cooking your first experimental meals on your own.

However, in my experience, most student’s only seem to have the ability to rustle up beans on toast or boil a kettle to fill up the instant noodle pots, so it may be a bit of a stretch to create a super tasty Coq au Vin with roasted vegetables and cheese sauce on the first attempt!

One of the best bits about the Jamie Oliver Survival Kit is that it all stacks away nice and small, with all the pans fitting inside each other and the large 26cm pan being the lid for the whole set. Handy for those small student digs and shared kitchen storage space. The detachable handle is also pretty nifty and makes for quick grab and release of the pans as it has a trigger-like action. It also comes in a kind of camouflage colouring to make it a bit more funky (I’ve only seen the blue version, so guessing it might be aimed at the boys – however, think a pink set would also look tres chic).

The pans themselves have a handy thermo-spot in the centre so you know when it’s hot enough to cook on. The set is also dishwasher safe and lightweight. Of course, if you don’t have the luxury of a dishwasher, this doesn’t mean you have to leave them soaking in the sink for 3 weeks growing cultures (even if you are doing bio-chemistry)!

You can buy the Survival Kit from, thanks to Drew from Tefal and HackTheKit for the freebie to review 🙂 .

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