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JamBlaster will make a musician out of you


When you love playing music, you’re often stuck playing along to tunes you’ve made up, or with songs. If you’re fortunate enough to know other musicians in your area, then you likely get together here and there to have jam sessions, play song covers, or practice music that you all make together. Playing music with other musicians is a wonderful feeling, and it’s a great way to practice and grow your craft, but if you don’t know too many people in your area, are you going to be ok with playing as a lone wolf for all time?

The modern musician who wants to play with a group has likely tried to practice online with their peers, but Skype and Google hangout are just too laggy to make it fun. The JamBlaster is hoping to allow you to play with musicians all over the world without the lag, and provide you with an invaluable resource of a community along the way! They’re developing an online music lesson marketplace so that you can hand-pick a teacher regardless of whether or not they’re in your area. This will let you play live or sync with other musicians, make professional-quality recordings, learn and play tons of songs, take lessons online, and broadcast your performances.

This is going to let you play in your home setup without having to set up and pack down everything, join jam sessions, and quite a bit more. This is a computer and audio interface in one, but you’ll need the companion app installed on your smartphone and the JamBlaster plugged into your router with an Internet service rated at 2.5Mbps of uplink/upload bandwidth connection for the optimal performance. This is a $199 purchase, and will take some finagling to setup, but not having to leave home to be able to play with people from all over creation would be pretty neat.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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