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The Jackfish card holder has everything a spy could ask for


How many of you are carrying around a wallet that is older than dirt, filled with too many useless pieces of paper that aren’t money, and looks like it’s about dissipate into the wind? Chances are, you need to prioritize what you’re carrying around with you, clean out the trash, and then get a new wallet. If you’d like to go the minimalist but most useful route, then getting something that is small yet efficient will be the way you want to go.

While you know by this point there are EDC and multi-tool options for just about everything you can think of, the Jackfish is hoping to wow you. This is a card holder that will not only hold your four most valuable cards, but will also let you do everything from tightening a screw to purifying water. This is meant for those that like to work, travel, and go on adventures as it is made of hard anodized aluminum that can’t be scratched even if you take a knife to it.

This card holder can manage keeping a whistle, knife, compass, iodine vile, two screwdriver bits, windproof match, firesteel, telescope pen, micro SD card reader, and a micro flat head that will work wonders on fixing your glasses all in one place that is small enough to fit in your pocket. Paying $104 will get you the whole kit and kaboodle with a paracord and titanium lanyard ring. It’s a bit overkill of an upgrade, but it’s nice to treat yourself now and again.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter