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Jack Racks – musicians only key rack

Jack Rack

Do you live for music? Are your every waking thoughts of guitar riffs and drum solos that could drive an audience wild? If you fit that description, then you very likely only want music on your brain, in your home, and to hopefully be your full time job, if it’s not already. We like surrounding ourselves with things that fit our personal sense of style, and if your life revolves around the musical world, then it would only make sense that your aesthetic is that of amps, mics, and musical instruments of all sorts.

Musicians, just like everyone else, have a set of keys that need a place to go when they get home. So long as you don’t aim for the stereotypical rocker life, you likely want to keep your home somewhat in order. There is something to be said about a look and level of professionalism at home. These Jack Racks would be the perfect way to tie into your musical world, while still being a useful aspect of your life.

This looks like an amp, and you will literally plug in your keys through an audio jack keyring that comes with this setup. Each Jack Rack comes with two keychains, though you will likely want two more as there are 4 spots for jacks. These will cost you anywhere from $29.99-34.99, and are an innovative and cool way to put up your keys when you get home.

Available for purchase on pluginkeychains

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