Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset

Jabra is an old hand when it comes to Bluetooth headsets as well as devices, but that does not mean the company should rest on their laurels. No sir, in fact Jabra always pushes the envelope – and their latest release, the SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset, is no different from its ‘ancestors’. What makes the Jabra SUPREME so special from the rest? For starters, this will be the first non-stereo headset that incorporates Active Noise Cancellation which will block out noisy environments.
That alone will work in tandem with Noise Blackout 3.0 and Wind-Noise Reduction technology, to make sure that the end user experience is nothing short of fantastic – letting you carry out crystal clear conversations without the irritating “Beg your pardon?” question being asked for the umpteenth time.

Normally, Active Noise Cancellation is found only in high-end noise cancellation stereo headphones, but this time around with it being available on the Jabra SUPREME, the person wearing the headset will be able to filter out ambient noise for superior call quality.
I also like the moniker “Noise Blackout” being coined for the technology used – it kinda reminds me of the Transformers movie that had the character Blackout which was a no-nonsense Decepticon that laid waste to a US military base in the Middle East with his EMP blasts while downloading classified information from the servers.
Not only that, the Jabra SUPREME will come with a patented boom arm which “flips,” letting users to power on and off through the simple action of flipping the headset open and close. Apart from that, when you merge an advanced design like this with a state-of-the-art adjustable earhook and selection of ear cushions, your ears will definitely love you for it – as you get to have a really comfortable experience.
Expect the Jabra SUPREME to retail for $99 when it arrives at a retail (or virtual) store near you.
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