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Jabra Speak 510 Series announced

Jabra intends to continue from where the Jabra Speak 410 left off, and you can say that this is going to be a pretty tall order. After all, it was the Jabra Speak 410 that propelled Jabra to an unassailable lead in the market, picking up 30% of the global market share where the USB speakerphone market segment is concerned. Well, Jabra knows the dangers of complacency and resting on its laurels, which is why they have just announced the new Jabra Speak 510 Series.

The Jabra Speak 510 series will have the mobile road warrior in mind, and will come in a couple of variants, namely the Speak 510+ and the Speak 510. Both of them will deliver greater user flexibility whether you are at home, in the workplace and on the go. The Speak 510 works as a corded speakerphone for softphones or it will fall back on Bluetooth capability where smartphones and tablets are concerned.

As for the Speak 510+, it will do away with the cords and help you move towards a wireless lifestyle, which means it will rely on Bluetooth connectivity to “talk” to compatible smartphones and tablets. Relying on a dongle to enable wireless use with softphones while carrying a 300 foot range. Not only that, both products will offer 15 hours of talk time, which is over double that of competitive products in the same segment.

The Jabra Speak 510 Series hooks up in a snap to multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices, and is more than capable of seamlessly switching back and forth between devices, making sure that you would never have to miss a single call ever, unless you are too busy occupied with something else, of course.

Well, just how how much money do you need to fork out for all of that? The Jabra Speak 510 will retail for $149.95, while those who want the Jabra Speak 510+ will have to be a bit more generous with the purse strings, by forking out $179.95, from this March onwards.

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