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Jabra EXTREME announced


How many of you out there use Bluetooth headsets in your everyday communications over your handset? It is more or less a love it or hate it affair with the majority of folks, since the feeling of having a foreign body hanging off one ear while impeding your hearing is a turn off for some, while others thrive on knowing they are able to pick up a call regardless of where they are. Jabra has been around the Bluetooth town for many years already, and their recent release, the EXTREME Bluetooth headset looks ready to make a splash. This device comes with a new innovation known as Noise Blackout Extreme which has its roots in Jabra’s distinguished heritage in noise cancelling technologies, relying on dual microphones and automatic volume control that dramatically enhances call quality. Apart from that, you will also experience double the background noise reduction (24 decibels) compared to the previous iteration of Noise Blackout technology at 12 decibels.

Just in case you were wondering whether the EXTREME Bluetooth headset is comfortable to wear, we are pleased to inform you that the EXTREME comes with a unique new Ultimate-fit Eargel that was specially developed to guarantee superior comfort even when you wear it throughout the entire working day. Making a debut at the recently concluded CES 2010, Jabra claims that the EXTREME will relegate poor quality calls to a distant memory. With all the technology packed in, you can be sure that the caller will never sound like a robot.

Since it was specially designed for comfort and style, most users might be surprised to find that they are wearing a headset, thanks to specially developed Ultimate-fit Eargels that will mold themselves to any ear shape to ensure a snug fit, regardless of whether you have Dumbo-sized ears. You will find that the headset is also equipped with a couple of rotatable ear hooks that were specially contoured to fit the ear perfectly. Regardless of whether you’re an audiophile or a road warrior, the EXTREME’s styling cues won’t disappoint. You can pick up the Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth 2.1 headset for $79.99.

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