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Izon announces new home video cameras

izonviewKeeping track of what is going on in your home is important, especially when you happen to be at work or are on a holiday, and would like to know that everything is running fine and dandy when you are not around. Having said that, a home video camera would definitely come in handy, and izon has a couple of such models at their disposal for your consideration – and regardless of which one you choose, they will be compatible with Android-powered phones and tablets.

Regardless of which particular model that you choose, both of them will not break the $100 price point, which means that izon’s cameras will be able to offer the best value option on the market. The izon view as well as the izon 2.0 happen to be Wi-Fi enabled video cameras which can be set up in a jiffy anywhere in your home or office. It will work in tandem with the companion Android app, allowing you to stream video as well as audio to your device, so that you will have the ability to be there even when you are physically unable to be present.

The izon view which will boast of night vision, and the izon 2, will retail for $99.95 and $79.95, respectively. Both of these cameras can be purchased online, and the manufacturer intends to enable both of them to punch above their weight category, so to speak, as they will be equipped with comparable technologies as the more-expensive, category competition.

The izon view can be used on any flat surface and can be mounted to a ceiling as well, where it can tilt and swivel easily on its unique magnetic base. Setting it up is a snap – there is no need for a computer, and it takes mere minutes to do so. As for the slightly cheaper izon 2.0, this model will feature a minimalistic design, where it supports push notifications on your mobile device, and will also be Wi-Fi connected.

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