iWallet to prevent unwanted loss of valuables

RFID blocking iWallet

Safety and security are two things that are more or less floating in the back of one’s head these days, as it certainly helps you sleep better at night when they’re well managed. For those of us who are part of the paranoid android group, you will be pleased to know that CEO and founder of iWallet Corp., Steve Cabouli, has come up with the iWallet which intends to prohibit others from easily gaining access to your wallet’s contents or stealing your credit card information via RFID.

Take for example, parents who have actually kleptomaniac children living under the same roof as them – or perhaps, employees at a health club who have access to lockers. The iWallet is here to save the day, since it is smart enough to alert you whenever someone attempts to steal it, and will also do its bit in providing additional peace of mind just in case you either forget your cell phone or iWallet at a particular place and decide waltz off, thinking that everything else is fine and dandy in your little, perfect world. To know more about how the iWallet works, why not read on in the extended post and be amazed?

The iWallet will rely on biometric technology to do its job well, where it was specially developed to recognize the owner’s fingerprint choice. Should there be any attempt in unauthorized access, one will be locked out completely. When you combine that with available Carbon Fiber hard case construction, the iWallet also doubles up as a portable safe to keep your precious valuables out of reach of unwanted and unauthorized hands. Heck, apart from Carbon Fiber, you can also choose from fiberglass and polycarbonate models.

You name it, the iWallet is able to provide an additional level of security for cash, credit cards, driver’s license and social security cards amongst others. With RFID theft on the rise these days as well, the iWallet does its part in shielding all information capturing attempts via RFID – now how about that?

This $299 wallet can also pair up with cell phones via Bluetooth connectivity, so whenever your iWallet and phone are separated by 15 to 40 feet from one other, an audible alarm will enter into action to function as a theft deterrent or reminder, depending on the context.