The ivee – a smart alarm clock for a smart home


Slowly but surely, homes across the world will be controlled via app or completely automated. There are already a number of devices that can automate your lighting, locks, hubs, and thermostat. These all have their own corresponding app, but wouldn’t it be nice if they were all voice controlled so you didn’t even have to open an app to tell it what to do?

 Normally we hate our alarm clocks, but the ivee might be the first one you don’t completely despise. Yes, it will still be your morning wake up call, but it will also control aspects of your house, if you tell it to. This personal WiFi assistant can tell you the weather or time anywhere in the world, as well as the stock prices of any company. All you have to do is say “Hello ivee”, and anything after that will be a command.

This alarm clock has a built-in rechargeable battery, dual beam forming microphones, a temperature and light sensor, as well as a 4.3” display. This will automatically dim its backlight depending on how much light is in the room. You can plug in your smartphone via USB to charge it at night, or your MP3 to listen to whatever you’d like. If you don’t want ivee hanging on your every word, then you can flip the switch in the back so it will function as a regular alarm clock. This will cost you around $200, but would likely only be beneficial to those who have home automation devices for it to connect to.

Available for purchase at Staples