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The Ivation Electric Ice Shaver will help you stay cool for the summer

Ivation Ice Shaver

If there’s one thing that’s going to help you chill out when it’s hot, that would be ice. We don’t want to cover our body in ice packs because that would make us too cold, and would cover us in water. Cranking up the AC means higher monthly bills, and while there are methods to using existing power usage to your advantage, they’re often more expensive options. Normally using a drink or cold snack to help cool down our innards is the best choice, but for those who¬†choose¬†shaved ice only, it can add up pretty quick if you’re taking the whole family out for frozen treats once or twice a day.

If you know you’re going to keep eating shaved ice like there’s no tomorrow, then this Ivation Ice Shaver is going to be your wallet’s best friend. It’s a one-touch operation that should give you fluffy shaved ice instead of the typical chunky ice snow cone. All you need to do is plop in some ice, set it to shave and pour on syrup. Obviously the flavors are only limited to what your taste buds can and can’t handle.

Seeing that this is priced at around $28, it’s a reasonable for this stainless steel-bladed kitchen gadget. You will of course need to sink more money into syrups and cream if you want to get fancy, but you could always use beverages you already have around your home. This will save you oodles of money on visits to Tropical Sno. Not only that, but your kids can have exactly the flavors they want, and will likely enjoy shaving the ice themselves since almost all kids love destroying things.

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