iTwin – Your Computer, Wherever You Need it.


Imagine that you could carry everything that’s on your computer right in your pocket. What if you could just plug in and access the contents of your entire hard drive? Would it be useful to you to be able to view, edit and upload data to AND from your remote computer? What if ┬áit was completely safe, and easy, and you weren’t getting charged any monthly fees?
Then you should check out  iTwin, a very cool double-sided thumb drive that splits apart in the middle and works like a double sided cable, (without the cable, of course) just plug one half into one computer and the other half into a different computer (both Internet connected) and Voila! the computers are connected, your files are instantly available.
The iTwin doesn’t actually store the data, it just enables an Internet connection between the 2 computers, so no one can gain access to your information without physically having possession of the 2nd half of your iTwin device, and you always have the option to password protect access.
Your data remains on the primary computer and is not processed through any third party cloud server so everything remains safe and secure, and don’t worry, if you accidentally lose half of your iTwin, you’ll even be able to remotely disable that half, so no one will be stealing your new bestseller, accessing your naughty pictures or checking out your confidential drug trial information.
So use it to share files with a friend or family member, or to bring your business files home, use it for student group projects, business presentations or just simply to work where and when you want to. Also go check out the new iTwin Multi, enabling you to share your info with LOTS of people. The single iTwin is available now, in lime green or gunmetal gray for only 99 dollars at