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iTwinge iPhone Keyboard might make typing easier


Most people I’ve talked to are just fine with the keyboard that comes with their iPhone.  However, there are always a few that have a hard time with that sort of thing.  Especially if you have the tendency to be a little clumsy with typing things out on the iPhone keyboard.  Really the iPhone is pretty good about making it user friendly as far as typing goes, but this iTwinge keyboard is one alternative.

It might make things a little easier for some, or at least more comfortable.  It does give you back the feel of a real keyboard.  It might even make it possible for you to type things out faster, which is always nice.  In order to use it just plug it in  and turn it on.  As of now the keyboard isn’t out, but you can expect to see it being shipped out as of November 19th.  Right now you can pre-oder the iTwinge for $29.99.  For those interested, it’ll work with both the iPhone 3G and 3G S.

Source: GadgetVenue