iTrail – Keeping Tabs on your Car, Kids, or Keys.

iTrail tracker for kids

My daughter’s only 10, but already I imagine the day she starts to hang out alone with friends, or worse… starts to drive . Who among us doesn’t have a horror story that involves a teen driver? Unfortunately, I remember being a teen (keep your snickering to yourself) and I couldn’t imagine anything bad ever happening to me. I took chances I shouldn’t have, and while I’m still around, I know kids who weren’t so lucky. Is there a way to keep kids safe, when driving, or even just shopping around the local mall?

Well, in order to make an impression, I believe parents need to know whats going on, and iTrail may be the gadget that can keep them informed of where your kids are right now and if they are safe. iTrail is a small, lightweight, and waterproof multi-use GPS tracker for your child. Verry lightweight and designed to be carried in a pocket, dangled from a pet, keychain, or attched to a car, bike or motorcycle via an optional magnetic case, the iTrail can keep track of almost anything worth keeping track of. iTrail can provide concerned parents (or pet owners) with real-time tracking, location history and speed monitoring. iTrail logs this information and then displays it on an easy-to-use PC interface powered by Google Maps and Google Earth.

I know that some applications for the iTrail feel dangerously like spying, and folks may feel that some of these new technologies really infringe on privacy, but I’m not sure where I weigh in on this debate. I do know that there are certainly some parents, that in hindsight, would have done anything to keep their child safe. iTrail can record for about 120 hours, requires no subscription, and is available for under 190 bucks (with the magnetic case) from So please tell me, just how far, is too far when keeping tabs on your kids? and what if it were an employee or a spouse?

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