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iTOi Video Booth for iPad lets you carry out video calls in style

itoiThe iPad from Apple managed to kick off the tablet market in a big way a few years back, and there is no turning behind ever since. However, just what is the primary use of your tablet? Do you use it to play games, or perhaps as a tool that lets you clear your inbox while you are on the move without having to settle for the encumbrance of a notebook or laptop. How about carrying out video calls on your iPad? If you thought that to be a hassle in the past, perhaps with the $149.99 iTOi Video Booth, it might just change your mind.

The iTOi Video Booth allows you to see eye to eye with your “audience” at last, where you can maintain direct eye contact with video chat partners as well as audiences alike, which is one of the better ways to get the job done actually whenever a serious conversation is going on. The iTOi Video Booth will be able to enhance sound capture and projection, allowing your audience (and you, of course) to hear each other clearly. It will play nice with Skype, Facetime and Youtube videos, transforming your iPad into a teleprompter. In addition, it minimizes glare on your screen in order deliver a more realistic personal connection. Works great in the kitchen too methinks, since hands-free video chat is offered as well.

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