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iTheater portable video glasses

iTheaterYou want a big screen TV with surround sound, but there’s just no room. That’s no problem, get yourself a pair of iTheater video glasses. Yes, I said glasses and they only weigh 3 ounces.

Essentially, the iTheater is a personal entertainment center that you wear as if they were glasses. You get great video and audio quality, too. The video is at a 230,000 pixel resolution and the audio is surround sound.

There’s really no limit as to what you can watch, either. The included RCA cables allow you to hook up your game consoles, DVD players, computers, iPod (video), or other video playing players. Imagine playing your games or watching your DVDs on a 50 inch screen.

The iTheater comes with a portable power source, along with two AA batteries that will run for about 6 – 8 hours of viewing. Even if the power runs out, just pop two more batteries in and you’re good to go, you don’t need to worry about having a power outlet handy.

The only downside about the iTheater is how weird you’d look in public using these, even on an airplane. Still, the portability these offer is awesome and if you want a portable, but high quality way to watch your DVDs or play your games, this is a great choice.

The iTheater video glasses are available from Amazon from $100. They’ll make you shell out an additional $30 to get the iTheater iPod connector and another $20 for the AC adapter.

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24 thoughts on “iTheater portable video glasses”

  1. I have a pair of these and I use them all the time. I love using them in public where I cannot see what is going on around me such as when riding the subway! I also got myself a seeing eye dog and a white cane so I can watch them while crossing busy intersections.

    Battery life of 6-8 is inaccurate, mine only last about 5 tops. They should just sell them for $600 rather than milking you for the AC adapter and iPod adapter. These items should clearly be bundled and the last time I checked AC adapters don’t cost $20. You can find many products on the market for less than $20 that include AC adapters.

  2. How about eyes? How hard it is for user eyes?
    Look just on monitor can be destructive for eyes, what about wearing this glasses on the nose?
    You don’t wear it for 10-15min but for few hours.

  3. 230,000 pixels is crappy resolution. 800X600 is 480,000 and high quality movies are MUCH higher than 800×600. Anywho, interesting idea, we’ll see how the market treats them.

  4. How long have goggles like these been on the market? I had a similar, if not slightly bulkier, pair hooked up to my playstation in 2000. Goggles like this are great in theory, but we need something that gives us privacy and security _and_ resolution at least comprable to a laptop computer. Anything less then 1280×1024 in a display of this relative size is like looking at a tile mosaic. So when are these companies going to start inovating and giving us something usable? At $500 for a technology that is so outdated you think they could put a little cash back into R&D instead of marketing and packaging.

  5. These are REALLY comfortable and engulfing for such a light weight device. The only problem (besides the additional $ for accy’s) is that your multimedia experience is so enriched that you forget where you are and that there’s people around you.

    Definetly want to ensure you aren’t watching adult scenes, or Basic Instinct. What was that scene with Michael Douglas? That one got me into trouble.

    Anyways, I got punched in the face, and they wouldn’t cover it under warranty since that’s not a condition that’s covered, so I’ll buy another one when the price is around $400. I just won’t bring it to my kid’s play next time.

  6. They also have the HD video camera attachment that lets you see *in real time* wherever you point your head.

  7. I have a feeling that porn will push this video glasses to new heights. People will be able to watch porn anywhere they go.

    These are cheaper at $269, and so far they have been a great investment for me. You can see around the picture so you are never totally isolated from your surroundings. I travel all the time, and the myvu has made long trips much easier and more comfortable.

  9. Enjoy movie from a big screen by a small device, iTheater opens up a real new world of entertainment to you which presents Video and TV-Films impressively large through only the size of a pair of glasses.

    iTheater is a new, revolutionary type of display device. It is lightweight and compact, easy to carry with a large size image vision view. The glasses enable people to enjoy watching their favourite TV shows, films, play video games in front of a 50 inch television with 230,000 pixels of crystal clear LCD display chips and integrated earphones, they are better than a real TV and only weights 78g! With its revolutionary design and award winning displaying technology, the gadget delivers high quality, crisp images, superb audio effect and more importantly, they are very comfortable to wear. Get them on your nose just like a normal pair of sunglasses. It is a true masterpiece of mobile video device, which you can take everywhere with you.

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  11. Olympus produced an almost identical product about five years ago – it was called the iTrek and has been extensively used in Dentists to entertain people whilst their teeth are pulled!

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  13. I figure this is the new millenium and almost everybody that sells any type of mobile equipment supplies a battery and the appropriate adapters for their units.

    Personally I was interested in this unit until I read that the adapters and power was not available.

    Hey guys stop being cheapskates and give the consumer what should be in the package.
    I am not going to support this company because of their

    Hey guys you lost sales from many people because of your
    CHEAPSKATE policies…


  14. I just bought a pair of these, but my model is 640×480 resolution. I read the comments from the guys who claim that you need 800×600 or 1024×768 and I have to disagree, mostly because I use this with my ipod video and thats a straight 640×480 resolution anyway. Also the last time I checked the spec on DVD it was no better the 480 lines (unlike blu ray or HD dvd).

    All in all these are good, a huge improvement over the old olympus eye trek (remember them?).

  15. i have a set of glasses called cyberman GVD510-3D that i bought from they are fantastic many time in my job i am just required to sit and wait sometimes for hours these glasses combined with a good mp4 player are my savior and the site had a large range as well

  16. You can use these glasses with various sources, such as a portable media player or your cell phone. This technology promises to eliminate the dizziness phenomenon usually associated with this kind of display. And with these glasses weighing only about 40 grams, you’ll feel that you’re viewing a 40-inch screen from a distance of 7 feet.


    video glasses & Video Displays/Video Glasses/

  17. Sorry Guys, but HD is here and now. When I get any new DVD, or when I download and what program materials, or “Tivo” either real or on MS-Media Center/Player it is all HD! That is atleast 720p and mostly 1080i.
    So I am watching, and at this point in time I would not spend several hundred dollars for 480X640. 720p is 50% better and 1080i is clearly over 100% better result. So for my money (if I am to buy) Spec Count.
    This is not a used car we are buying! Would you buy a laptop with 480X640 screen, I don’t tnink so. Remember HD is 1080X1920 to I have compared, with the small number first to be fair. In actual pixel count 480X640=307200 and 1080X1920=2073600 or a factor of 6.75 more pixel in FULL HD. So for me, no amount of other nifty feature matter to me. A two place car with a trailer hitch feature – will not work for this family of 4! Even if I can get it in a color of my choice. Sorry but that is my person feelings on this.

  18. John up there posted his relax view were 3x the res. The relax 3.0 is also just 640×480. Relaxview doesn’t make one higher.

  19. i have a pair of them but i cannot figure out how to download videos in them.
    please help me
    your frind jawwad

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