The Itch Stopper uses electronic energy

Depsite how small misquito bites happen to be, they still are quite capable of making you crazy.  Not to mention all of the other rashes and things that make you itch.  Anything that has that itchy effect has a way of making your day a little more irritating.  Well instead of picking up a cream that barely works, you can try out a different method.  This Itch Stopper is electronic and won’t leave you with a gooey mess that seems to always rub off on your clothing.

It is said to stop itching entirely by producing mild electronic energy.  That energy destroys the toxins beneath the skin and stops histamine release.  All of that making it so that you won’t be quite so itchy.  It’s of course FDA approved and will not cause any DNA damage or skin cancer.  For something this good it is going to cost you a little extra, but thankfully not too much extra.  You can purchase the Itch Stopper for $59.95 through Amazon.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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