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iStand Walking Cane arrives in three flavors

istandA walking stick is something that we all might need to grapple with as we get older, for one simple reason: our balance and gait aren’t what they used to be, so it is useful to have a “third leg” to get up and around while minimizing the chances of falling down. So far, the basic premise is pretty much the same, although in the past there has been technologically-infused ideas of a walking stick such as the Tactile Wand Electronic Walking Stick. Being close to a decade old, how about getting something more updated and useful such as the iStand Walking Cane that will arrive in three flavors?

 WhatBox, Inc. claims that this will be the last walking cane that you will ever need to buy, where regardless of the model that you purchase, it will be fashion forward. Of course, there is the staple version which will not carry any kind of technology at all, but we are more interested in the other two models that will sport integrated technology. For instance, there is the iStand with FindMyCane, being a trackable cane that has been infused with GPS technology so that it is a whole lot easier to find out where the cane was last left behind.

The other would be a smart cane with fall detection and Alzheimer’sAlerts capability, also know as iStand Cane with SmartWalk technology. It targets those who might simply wander around and are in need of memory care. Regardless of which model that is picked up, all of them features a flexible shaft for joint comfort, and a no-trip base that stands alone. All of iStand’s smart safety products will not have any burdensome subscription so that seniors and their families will be able to enjoy safety and comfort without having to break the bank.

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