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iStand 6 hopes to provide your iPhone 6 with renewed vigor

istandThe iPhone 6 is one hugely popular smartphone – where it was released alongside a slightly larger version which comes in the form of the iPhone 6 Plus. There are fans for both particular models, that is for sure – but what happens when you happen to be a globetrotter and tend to do a whole lot of traveling? You would need to make sure that you can be contacted at all times – and this would mean ensuring that your smartphone would have a whole lot of juice to go on at all times. The iPhone 6 has one particularly con to be aware of – it might be a great phone, but it does have a relatively poor level of battery life. In fact, other users have also claimed that it is damaged way too easily. However, Shenzhen Esorun Technology of China thinks that they have a solution for iPhone 6 owners – which would come in the form of the iStand 6.

The iStand 6 happens to be a rechargeable iPhone 6 battery case, but this is no ordinary case since it comes with a built-in stand design alongside a SIM card box, now how about that? I mean, seriously speaking, how many rechargeable iPhone 6 battery cases can you find out there that come with their very own SIM card box? The iStand 6 will boast of the following functions: it can see action as a battery case, a charging dock, a vertical stand and an extra Nano SIM card box.

George Jiang, Marketing Director for Shenzhen Esorun Technology, shared, “It provides protection for your new iPhone 6 from scraping and damage and also features an internal 3500mAh battery as an extra power source. The vertical stand makes it excellent for video conferencing or viewing multimedia. Plus, the built-in SIM card box is designed for travelers so they can keep the extra SIM card safely.”

The iStand 6 power case tips the scales at 110 grams, where it provides up to 190% of extra power for your smartphone. It is a snap to use, thanks to simple access to all buttons, voice windows for microphone, earphone windows and extended earphone adapter for all earphones alongside black camera windows for free reflecting of flashlight.

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