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Islamic Gadgets

Quranic watch

I know personally that many Muslims are feeling under siege, both mentally and physically, and believe they are getting a bad press. Relations between our two cultures seem to be deteriorating, so I hope I’m not trivialising events when I discuss this Quranic clock gadget: I’m trying to clear up a few myths and find some common ground.

The Taliban banned television, video and satellite shortly after seizing power in Afghanistan in 1996. The ban was probably academic as not many people had electricity after years of fighting between Afghan warlords, but it did perhaps reinforce for many who didn’t know better that Islam was a backward-looking religion – myself included at that time I have to say.

These days I think judging Islam as a religion by the behaviour of a fanatical cult like the Taliban is like trying to judge Christianity by people who don’t let their children have blood transfusions.

The Muslims I know are crazy about gadgets, buying mobiles with alarms to tell them when it’s time for prayers, and adding Quranic ring tones for example. Recently, when an Indian cleric reportedly called the use verses from the Quran as ring tones un-Islamic they were horrified that the view of another crank cleric was reported in the Western media as somehow being representative of mainstream Muslim opinion.

Anyway, I’m sure my friends would love this gadget. It’s a Quranic wristwatch with flash memory and an MP3 player. It comes with a USB port for transferring files and for re-charging. You can install the Quran as an MP3 file, taking up 70 MB of the available 256 MB memory. In fact, thinking about it I wouldn’t mind one myself.

The Quranic clock was found via PC Magazine.

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5 thoughts on “Islamic Gadgets”

  1. There is a difference between Christianity and Islam. Christianity, and even Western Secular Humanism, work to eliminate murderers. As near as I can tell, the “vast majority” of peaceful Moslems are complicit in the crimes of their “minorities” because, by and large, they turn a blind eye to them.
    If Bin Laden is anathema to “peaceful Islam,” why isn’t he hanging from a gallows in some Islamic nation?

  2. the wristwatch is really a very fine idea. I can’t believe that one could not see the difference between muslims and terrorists. People cannot blame all muslims for what a few people are doing. That would be the same as acccusing all americans of being racist to blacks. I hope everybody could simply understand that Islam is not a religion of violence. Our rituals and cultures doesnt not include any violence. Please do not try to put dirt on such a sacred religion. We respect your religion and hope you will do the same for ours. Thank You…

  3. It never fails to amaze. The gadget is the subject but some retarded viewers can’t let things go without making stupid comments.

    Only the future will tell.

  4. Since the 1600s, the bible (which is basiclly a collection of stories that was collected from various unkwnon source 60 to 100 years after Prophet Jesus the last prophet to people of Israel was accesended to heavens) was revised more than 22 times, even if you read the introduction of King James version/ RSV you will read that the authinticity of the gospals are not known!, nowadays the Vatican at one time removed the word Holy from the bible.
    More than 2000 years and till now people and scholars still confussed about who is Jesus, which bible to follow!

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