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iSkin Duoband armband for the iPod Nano

iSkin has released several different cases to keep iPods of all different sizes well protected.  Well now they have created a sporty armband to keep your Nano safe.  This is quite obviously for the newer Nano, as you can see from the picture.  I always like the armbands for the Nano a bit better than the Touch.  It just seems like the iPod Touch would move around too much and get obnoxious when trying to do any physical activities.

With the Nano it’s a bit more compact and less likely to be in the way.  This armband features a moisture-resistant band, which it pretty much has to have in order for it to be used.  The band is also breathable, so it will be a bit more comfortable while you’re at the gym.  It also has a soft silicone layer along with a harder layer in a metallic finish to protect the Nano itself.  It comes in two different body colors, which you can see above.  To get the iSkin DuoBand for the iPod Nano it will cost you $40.

Source: SlipperyBrick