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Isiah Whitlock Jr. Talking Bobblehead is an interesting acquisition

isaiah-whitlockHave you heard of Isiah Whitlock Jr. before? Well, if you haven’t perhaps now is the right time to remedy such a situation. Of course, you can always tune in to him in various media formats, but how about getting his undivided attention round the clock? It does not sound impossible at all even if we have yet to perfect the art of time travel or cloning, thanks to the £29.99 Isiah Whitlock Jr. Talking Bobblehead.

I suppose this is the worst trait about Isiah Whitlock Jr., and that is, he is unable to be everywhere. Well, with the Isiah Whitlock Jr. Talking Bobblehead, this particular conundrum is solved for good, as his signature elongated delivery of an expletive is now able to be heard on repeat – as long as there is still some life left in the battery powering it, of course. This is one Kickstarter campaign that saw the required amount smashed quickly, and the “Sheeeeeeeee-it…” catchphrase is now included with each purchase. We wonder whether this or the Kyle bobblehead is cooler…what do you think?

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