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Is This the Future Of Communication Technology?

MS Research

This MS Research inspirational video shows us a vision on what the future of communication technology could be. The video was created to promote internships and careers in Computer Science at the MS Research Labs. The flying gadget depicted in the video is a camera, a communications device, a fully working computer and more. Unfortunately this seems unrealistic and may take a long time for this dream to become reality, but who wouldn’t want a gadget like that?

The robot in the video can follow you around, film your best skating tricks, receive a call from your girlfriend, and turn in to a computer with a projected keyboard and mouse to show her the video. The robot could also retrieve files from your cell phone. The video later shows us the robot smashing itself into a door made of glass, and being repaired at MS Research Labs (of course).

You may think that we’ll never need a flying computer, that it seems to too improbable, but the progress can achieve things we all thought to be impossible, so who knows? We can only hope that each day can bring us closer to a futuristic device such as this, even if it seems total nonsense at this time.

Click here to watch the video on Soapbox.

Via Fresh Creation.

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  1. I agree with aaron especially with the pollution they should star working on machines that gather litter and dispose of them w/o polluting the world.

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