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Iron Man Wallbreaker spices up your living room decor

iron-man-wallbreakerWe all know that Tony Stark is one unique character from the Marvel Universe, and depending on the writer of the comic, there are many different ways in which the Iron Man suit holds up to various challenges that come his way. After all, just like how the Hulk’s strength varies (deemed to be infinite, depending on the situation and how angry he is), so too, the Iron Man suit looks virtually indestructible. Having said that, if you are feeling young at heart and would like to make sure your living room or even bedroom has that kind of “wow” factor for first time guests, the $249.99 Iron Man Wallbreaker would be the perfect addition to the rest of your Iron Man goodies at home.

It boasts of a stone-look wall decor, but it will not cause any additional stress to your immediate surroundings or foundation, since in reality, it is made out of super-light weight foam. What it brings is that kind of ‘shock and awe’ effect, especially when your 6 year old nephew drops by your abode for the very first time in his life. It would have been a whole lot cooler if this Iron Man Wallbreaker was able to have his eyes light up with some special sound effects that are triggered via a motion detector, as the asking price for some lightweight foam does not really seem to be justifiable.

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